The #1 Flexible Waterproof Bondcoat
The Premier Waterproof Bondcoat
with Exceptional Adhesive Qualities

With more than 85,000 completed projects globally,
Basecrete is the trusted product of waterproofing experts


Basecrete Premier Waterproof Bondcoat

  • BaseCrete is a waterproof bondcoat for use in all applications where a solid and durable waterproof barrier is required.
  • BaseCrete will adhere to most surfaces, is resistant to most chemicals and corrosive agents and can withstand a high degree of movement while maintaining its integrity.
  • BaseCrete can be used to protect any concrete structure or surface from deterioration due to water infiltration.
  • In addition Basecrete protects the underlying structure against the corrosive elements often found in water such as salt.


  • BC+ is a highly penetrating, highly viscous concrete densifier, to be used as the Pool, Shell, Primary, Waterproofing.
  • Upon application, BC+ penetrates deeply into the concrete matrix, on a molecular level, searching and filling out all the voids that exist within any concrete structure.
  • BC+ bonds with the free Calcium and Lime within the concrete, transforming itself into a dense waterproof barrier of colloidal silicate gel.
  • It is important to note that the concrete remains able to “breathe” allowing vapors from within the concrete to escape.

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