Basecrete +


BC+ is a highly penetrating, highly viscous concrete densifier, to be used as the Pool, Shell, Primary, Waterproofing. Upon application, BC+ penetrates deeply into the concrete matrix, on a molecular level, searching and filling out all the voids that exist within any concrete structure. BC+ bonds with the free Calcium and Lime within the concrete, transforming itself into a dense waterproof barrier of colloidal silicate gel. It is important to note that the concrete remains able to “breathe” allowing vapors from within the concrete to escape.

Apply Basecrete + with a low-pressure pump type sprayer. Apply two coats in quick succession removing excess material immediately. Do NOT allow excess material to dry on the surface.

eco friendly

No VOC’s

for drinking water contact


• ASTM D-56-91 – Flash Point: None

• ASTM D-5084-91 – Permeability

• ASTM C-666 – Freeze/Thaw cycles

• ASTM C-666 B – Salt Resistance

• ASTM C-67 – Efflorescence

• Contains no VOC’s

• EPA Compliant


• Waterproofs the surface of the concrete

• Densify and strengthens the concrete

• Controls hydration of new concrete

• Exfoliates entrapped salts

• Reduces rust formation on rebar

• Reduces ASR (alkali silica reactivity)

• Accelerates concrete curing time

Concrete Surface Profile

Mix it, Apply it, Done

concrete surface
basecrete plus
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