A flooded basement is typically an expense most house-owners seek to avoid. While it can be caused due to a plethora of reasons, a flooded basement is a serious health hazard. At Zavza Seal, we provide basement flood repair services at a low cost to help you restore your basement to its previous condition.

Although, under ideal circumstances, preventive measures are recommended, flooding can, at times, be unpredictably caused due to improper sealing on the flooring and walls, poorly installed downspouts, drainage tile failure, water tank failure, debris in the gutters, sump pump failure or water supply line failure (broken, clogged or cracked pipes). A flooded basement, if left unattended for even a day or two, can start smelling. This smell usually penetrates the entire house, making it inhabitable. Additionally, a wet carpet or floor can lead to the formation of cracks which brings a whole new set of problems into your house. Mold and insect infestation are also great concerns. Malaria spreading mosquitoes and other insects can breed in your basement. Hence, in order to protect your basement foundation/walls and the health of your family, we implore you to take action.

Keeping the best interest of our client in mind every time, our services are cost-effective and carried out by professionals with years of experience in their field. Our first task is to speedily set up a consultation in order to gauge the situation and assign workers accordingly to the task of removing the water from the client’s basement. We then employ highly skilled structural engineers who comprehend the damage caused to the basement structure, at large.

Our next task is to deal with the damp objects and remove any mold. The entire process is designed to reduce any monetary burden on our client. Hence, we try our best to salvage whatever items we can and leave them out to dry.

Apart from repairing the structure, we also offer preventive services. Preventive services include, but are not limited to, waterproofing which can secure basements for years to come. Since our client’s safety is our topmost priority, we do not compromise on the quality of products we use. Our products and services are the best in the market. We also take our time to understand the client’s needs and devise a suitable plan of action for the reparation work.

Having studied the benefits of waterproofing for years now, we also advice our clients to waterproof the walls and floor of their basement. This protects their basement from water penetration, even during storms. It is not just a smart investment in your present but also increases the resale value of your house and lowers maintenance costs for your basement. Our product, Basecrete, has been custom designed for this very task. It is a highly tensile and adhesive bond coat which prevents any seepage or temporal corrosion. Apart from being the best basement fixers in town, our product quality is a grade above anything you will find in the market.




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