Water in your basement is no joke. Even the slightest water intrusion can compromise the structural integrity of your basement. Therefore, fixing any sources of water leaks must be your top priority.
What is Basement Waterproofing and Why?
Basement waterproofing is a technique that fixes any water-related problems and defects in your basement. However, you have to address the issue as soon as it shows its first signs, or else it can lead to mold growth, destroyed possessions, and damage to your home’s basement pillars.

2 Approaches to Basement Waterproofing

The two basic approaches to basement waterproofing are:
Interior Waterproofing
This technique uses water control to remove any moisture that has entered your basement. You can install drainage channels leading to a sump pump to suck the water out.
Exterior Waterproofing
In exterior waterproofing, you require excavation at the bottom of your home’s foundation. You can install new drainage avenues and treat the walls to prevent any water from getting into your basement.

How does Basement Waterproofing work?

Many buildings forget to incorporate the waterproofing element into their planning. Unfortunately, those who do consider only build to code. In case you are a homeowner or a commercial building manager with a web basement problem, you require interior basement waterproofing.
Here are some quick steps to explain how it will work.
 A French drain will relieve any hydrostatic pressure as it is the main cause of leaks. The installation of French drains creates a channel so the water can gather in it and exit the basement via sump pumps.
 The sump pumps will collect water from your basement from the French drain or directly from the floor and pump it away and out from your basement. The number of pumps you require depends on the size of your basement.
 The next step is to look for any gaps and cracks in the basement walls to prevent any future leaks or water issues.
 You can also install a vapor barrier as it is probably the most cost-effective remedy for condensation problems. It will keep any water out and prevent mold growth. Vapor barriers are large sheets that cover the walls and floors of your basement and come in a variety of materials.
 One of the oldest tricks of waterproofing is the installation of dehumidifiers. They are old but still one of the most effective solutions as they remove the humidity present in your basement. This will help you save your basement from any adverse effects of mold growth and condensation.

What Should I Do If I Have Water Leaks in My Basement?

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